getting around in Kandy 2 weeks in sri lanka

Who are we?

2weeksinsrilanka is the effort of a few individuals interested in continuing the legacy of Sri Lanka as the pearl of the Indian Ocean.

What do we do?

We help tourists visit Sri Lanka with minimal trouble, and have an authentic view of the country, its beauty, and its people.

The Itineraries

These itineraries are for those who want to visit Sri Lanka without any help of a guide and without any prior experience. The places lined up here are in a logical and practical order so that you will not get stranded between places. I have added an ever expanding blog carrying important information on a wide range of topics covering almost everything a solo traveller wants to know.

We can help you too

Getting help from a tour guide could save time. And also it would guarantee other facilities such as accommodation and transport. If you decide that you need a well-planned trip tailor-made for you, then we are here to do just that.

Why us?

We know the country inside out, and we know what a visitor loves to see, and what a visitor wants to take away. Every tour is special for the visitor, and we understand that too. Hence our effort to make it one of the best experiences ever for them.

We are reachable

There are four people you can contact. The one who prepares your itinerary, the one who takes you to see places, the one who chooses the best accommodation and food, and the one who coordinates it all. In other words, you can directly contact everyone involved in your visit to Sri Lanka. When you contact us through our forms, all four of us get the message.

We can tell you a story

Our guides go beyond the guidebook. They know the facts, the legends, and fairy tales too. They know when to give you the details, when to tell you a story, and, most importantly, when to keep quiet so that you can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature in heavenly solitude.

It’s your tour

We plan your itinerary the way you want. You get to decide what attractions you want to see, and what kind of experience you want to take away.