5 Things to know before you visit Sri Lanka

In the paradise island everything will be perfect, but your experience will be better if you know the way the Sri Lankans think, talk, and do things. Here are five things you must know before you visit the country your next holiday. Tea, Plain tea, and milk tea Who thought this would be a problem […]

Common Scams Tourists Should Be Aware Of As They Tour Sri Lanka

Well, there’s no scam specifically made for Sri Lanka as any country has them in the same proportions. But it would be easier if you know the ones specifically found in Sri Lanka before you fall for them. Remember that Sri Lanka has a good internet coverage which helps you to research online if you […]

Is it safe to visit Sri Lanka in 2019?

It is the paradise on Earth, and it is the pearl of the Indian Ocean. After suffering a brutal insurgency for almost 30 years Sri Lanka regained its name as one of the best places to visit. As the war ended in 2009 millions of tourists visited the country to enjoy the many wonders it […]

Riots In Sri Lanka After The Easter Day Massacre

As I promised you here’s an update. There has been riots in several parts of the country which resulted in destruction of property. The main reasons have been the general public’s discontent with the authorities in addressing the terror attacks on churches on the Easter day. Although the low level suspects were apprehended the masterminds […]

How Are Tourists Affected In Sri Lanka After The Easter Attacks?

The joys and hopes of Sri Lankan Catholics and other communities on the Easter Sunday were shattered by terrorists who thought it would be “religious” to kill innocent civilians, mostly children and women. But it was not only the Sri Lankans who faced their destiny on that day. 32 tourists were also killed in the […]

Where to eat in Kandy?

Kandy attracts thousands of tourists a year, and there are some great places to eat at, for a reasonable price. While there are famous merchants such as KFC, Pizza Hut, and Burger King, there are some other places you may want to have a visit when you want to eat in Kandy. Kandy Bake House […]

What are the most popular tourist attractions in Sri Lanka?

For a small island of its size, Sri Lanka has a very large number of tourist attractions all across it. Both man-made and natural, these attractions tells the world the glory of a nation that has stood the test of time. Here is a list of some of the most popular destinations among them. As […]

Bus and train fares to some destinations in the itinerary

Following are some bus fares as of September 2019 that might help you. Please note that these are common buses with no air conditioning. Many of these routes have air con buses too. All prices are in Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR). Following are some bus fares as of March 2019 that might help you. Please […]

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