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Common scams tourists should be aware of as they tour Sri Lanka

Well, there’s no scam specifically made for Sri Lanka as any country has them in the same proportions. But it would be easier if you know the ones specifically found in Sri Lanka before you fall for them. Remember that Sri Lanka has a good internet coverage which helps you to research online if you […]

Essential items to bring in when you visit Sri Lanka for 2 weeks

1. Ear Plugs Sri Lanka is a very noisy country especially the urban areas. Many of the private transport buses play their music at the loudest volume which is highly irritable and bad for health. There is no law affecting them which encourages them to play at whatever level of volume they think is sufficient […]

What are the most popular tourist attractions in Sri Lanka?

For a small island of its size, Sri Lanka has a very high number of attractions all over it. Both man-made and natural, these attractions tell the world the glory of a nation that has stood the test of time. As these tourist attractions are scattered around the country one might not be able to […]

Is it worth visiting Kandy during your 2 weeks stay in Sri Lanka?

In the good old days when tourism was handled by big companies that provided luxury tours Kandy was the main attraction in Sri Lanka. There were hardly any backpackers or solo travellers back then. Huge luxury buses full of tourists were a common sight in the city of Kandy as well as Peradeniya. You could […]

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