What are the measures Sri Lanka is taking against covid-19?

Corona in Colombo 2weeksinsrilanka

Sri Lanka, compared to many other nations, is one that prepared comprehensively for facing the pandemic. Weeks before the first covid-19 death Sri Lanka quarantined the suspected patients and everyone who returned from the covid-19 infected countries such as Italy and China. And when the number of confirmed patients was rising beyond 50, the country locked down and took extra measures to ensure the safety of everyone living inside the country.

As usual, some of the population did not heed to the advice of the medical professionals and that is when the government imposed an island wide curfew in the fight against covid-19. Those who violate the curfew are produced at the courts and punished, and the police are on 24 hour alert in order to minimize the violation of the curfew. Any tourists staying inside the country can inform the police and arrange their trip back home by preparing such transfer with the respective countries.

After finding that certain individuals have been hiding in several villages while mingling with the community, those villages have been completely locked down and quarantined in order to prevent them spreading the virus to other areas. Atulugama in the Kalutara district and Akurana in the Kandy district have been shut down. There are other areas which have been imposed with strict movement restrictions in addition to the common curfew.

During the curfew times people are able to order the essentials from designated supermarkets, and the ore-prepared bags of essentials are delivered to the customers’ homes. The government also reduced the prices of essential items and imposed a maximum retail price to make life easy for the people. Canned fish and lentils have been price-reduced specifically as they are the most popular choices

The government has also ordered the finance companies to delay the collection of lease premiums without any additional penalties for 6 months considering the total stand still of the economy. This decision has been praised by the people especially the small-scale entrepreneurs who would otherwise have been forced to pay a huge lease premium without any income due to the covid-19 outbreak.

The steps taken by the government to minimize the effects of the covid-19 pandemic have been praised by the international community too as they see how poor prepared nations are currently fighting against the threat. Some disgruntled political parties, however, have been critical of reducing the prices of canned fish and lentils claiming that the decision hurts the sellers but the vast majority of the community have been praising the government for taking timely steps to address the grievances of the people when it is most difficult.

This article was last updated on 4th of April 2020.


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