Can I visit Sri Lanka in 2022? (Post-Covid19 Tourism)

Can I visit Sri Lanka in 2022? (Post-Covid19 Tourism)

With 2021 gone without any chance of going out, and the first few months of 2022 just burnt away, the question remains whether you can tour Sri Lanka in 2022. There’s good news this year. Yes you can visit Sri Lanka in 2022, and the country is much safer from Covid 19 than it was last year, and than many other countries.

At the outbreak of the Covid pandemic the world shut down one by one, and then you couldn’t leave your own house to visit a neighbour. But gradually, as the pandemic was understood by the medical community, new ways to handle it were also defined. Although the world is yet to see a finite solution to the crisis, Sri Lanka has adopted all prescribed remedies, and has seen results.

How safe is Sri Lanka from Covid 19 ?

As of writing this article more than 50% of the population has been fully vaccinated, and the third dose for people above 60 has been approved. Every district has vaccination camps on a daily basis to win the race against the spread of the Covid 19 pandemic.

What steps have been taken by authorities to revive tourism in post pandemic Sri Lanka?

  • Tourism sector has been given priority by the government.
  • Strict rules to adhere to at hospitality related premises.
  • Everyone in tourism sector have been vaccinated
  • PCR testing within 24 hours on arrival if necessary
  • And many other facilities for tourism industry.

Are there country restrictions for travellers?

This is ever changing. Like any other country, Sri Lanka too adds and removes such countries depending on the situation on the would-be-tourist’s country. Almost every country in the EU is currently excluded from the banned list which means they are free to visit Sri Lanka. You are advised to check on the government web portal to inquire about your country’s status.

Why has the government given priority to tourism?

The main reason is the economic recovery after the pandemic. Covid 19 crippled the economy by cutting off the majority of productions in the country. Tourism is one major way Sri Lanka used to make an income, and now needs to revive it as much as possible.

Is every attraction open for tourists?

The vast majority of attractions is open for tourists. And the rest will open within days. It will all be normal when you arrive in Sri Lanka in 2022, just like the good old days. All attractions will be open and operating, and that nostalgic smile will be with everyone.

Will all pageants be open for the local public and tourists?

As long as a reasonable distance could be maintained the pageants will be open. However, in 2021 the Kandy perahara was not open for the public as it was held during the lock down. We hope that it will not be the case in 2022.

Are face masks and hand sanitizers available in Sri Lanka?

Yes. You can buy a variety of face masks, including 3 ply surgical masks, anywhere in the country without any shortage. A pack of 50 surgical masks would cost around 3 USD.

Hand sanitizers are available in many sizes, under many brand names, at anywhere in Sri Lanka. There is no shortage of it at all.

So are all kinds of paper products such as toilet paper and paper towels.

What can be the experience in the post pandemic tourism in Sri Lanka?

Lock downs cannot take away the beauty of nature, and it’s found in abundance in Sri Lanka.

Your hike to the waterfalls and mountains will be the same. Of course it will be wilder and more beautiful after being without human touch for years, and that would be an additional perk for those who choose to visit Sri Lanka.

The ocean will still be welcoming, and so will be the surfing community down south. Plenty of sunshine and waves will welcome you as ever.

A lot of discounts could be expected from hotels and guest houses as they are trying to get back on their feet.

Authorities will take extra care to keep the tourists happy as they bring in money which will help the economy. Feedback from tourists will have a huge weight in the development of tourism, and the authorities are well aware of that.

How can one arrange a tour package to Sri Lanka?

All tour companies will be operational as before, and they will design your perfect tour package.

But if you are the adventure loving solo traveller, then planning your tour won’t be rocket science. Just open Google Maps on your phone, read an itinerary online, and plan your trip. If you need any information why not contact me? It’s all free.


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