Where to eat in Kandy?

kandy food where to eat in kandy 2 weeks in sri lanka

Kandy attracts thousands of tourists a year, and there are some great places to eat at, for a reasonable price. While there are famous merchants such as KFC, Pizza Hut, and Burger King, there are some other places you may want to have a visit.

Kandy Bake House

Kandy Bake House is a good hotel in Kandy situated on the Dalada Veediya, the main road leading to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth. Their food is clean, and the service is not bad either. They serve a wide variety of short eats as well as rice and curry. In addition they have other menus such as Chinese food. Their main meals may range from 400 upwards while the short eats would be around 50 upwards.

Devon Restaurant

Devon Restaurant is situated on the same street facing the Bake House, and is very much similar in price range and atmosphere, although the Bake House has a slightly higher reputation for being in food business for a very long time.

The Muslim Hotel

The Muslim Hotel at the clock tower end of the same street is known for their cheese koththu, a dish tasted and sought after by many locals as well as foreigners. The also serve excellent Biryani for those who love spicy food

Sri Ramya Hotel .

If you are looking for a clean place but with affordable food prices then Sri Ramya Hotel adjoining the Bake House could be the place you are looking for. They serve delicious food at comparatively cheaper prices, and their service is commendable too.

KFC, Burger King, and more

Now, if your taste is where chicken is, then Kandy has KFC and Burger King outlets on Dalada Veediya. KFC is facing the Bake House while Burger King is located in the Kandy City Centre which is the building adjoining the KFC. Kandy City Centre is a shopping mall with Burger King on the top floor, and the Roots fruit juice station and Basking Robbins at the lower ground level. There are a few more shops that would sell you short eats and sweets although there is no seating at those shops on the lower ground floor.

Pizza Hut

Close to the Temple of Tooth, facing the Queen’s Hotel, you will find the Pizza Hut if you are a lover of pizza. But there are several other privately owned pizza joints in Kandy that serve high quality pizza of all tastes and styles.

Queen’s Hotel

Queen’s Hotel also has a restaurant which serves good food at affordable prices, and the place is very popular among tourists. You can find it on the ground floor of the hotel building with entrance from the long corridor.

Hela Bojun

But the best of all places, there is a gem of a spot that offers you clean food cooked right before you, for the cheapest prices available anywhere. Named Hela Bojun, this is an initiative of the Department of Agriculture that brings traditional Sri Lankan food made with fresh ingredients at a very affordable price. Today this place has become very popular among tourists who never miss a chance to taste the authentic food of Sri Lanka. The place is hard to notice although it is one of the easiest to find. Here is the location:

Apart from the ones we have mentioned here there are many other eateries that sell you excellent food although you must be cautious to find the right place. Otherwise you might end up eating unclean food at very high prices.

There are some fancy restaurants for fine dining but their costs are usually what you would pay in a European country. I will recommend some good coffee shops in another article later.


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